word by word

Here’s what I’m wondering: how did people recommend reading material in the days before blogs? I know blogging is only a decade old, but I forgot how information was disseminated before then. Did they use carrier pigeons? Telegrams? Magazines? Television?

Why am I riffing on the information superhighway? There’s something I’d like you to read. “Roger Ebert’s Last Words” is a gripping, insightful, tearjerking article from Chris Jones at Esquire that will engrave itself onto your cerebellum.

The zeitgeist’s main objection to “Roger Ebert’s Last Words” is that veered into obituary territory at times. Ebert himself has pointed out that his health has improved since the thyroid cancer treatments and surgery that took away his jawbone, and with that, his ability to eat, drink or talk. I agree with The Blogosphere there… with thyroid cancer, you’re going to die of old age. (For example, January 2011 will mark ten years since I was pronounced free of thyroid cancer. I can’t believe it either.)

But I digress. What impressed me about Ebert is how his struggles never affected his writing. In my opinion, they have improved it. This concept of writing, no matter what, is something I need to work on here.

I plan on following through this time. I’ve got a new role model to help me.


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