Change of Plans

V is for Victory used to be about the adventures of a 30-year-old living in Chicago. Today, V is for Victory is about the adventures of a 30-year-old living in Chicago as she pursues writing for fun and profit. (Ha!) It’s a small difference, I know.

Why did I make the change? Well, under the old personal blog regime, I wasn’t writing. I had tons of excuses: I was too depressed and I didn’t want to look like a trainwreck. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I didn’t want to share too much and get fired. If you have a blog, you know the score.

Was I writing privately? With the exception of to-do lists at work and grocery lists at home, no. I’d publish an article on here and there, but other than that, I would be reluctant to put finger to keyboard.

This reluctance wasn’t good for me. I used to be paid to write for her hometown newspaper. So I was subject to fits of melancholy. I’d watch TV with my boyfriend and feel my brain melting. I’d read some of my favorite blogs over and over again and wish I had an eighth of the talent they do. This regimen is not recommended.

Three pieces of writing have reminded me of late that to build the talent, you must do the work: the Roger Ebert article in Esquire, the John Hughes article in Vanity Fair and Just Kids, Patti Smith’s memoir of her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and the time before she became the Godmother of Punk. What all these works have in common? Their protagonists were working all the time. That’s how they became great.

So V is for Victory is going to be a portrait of my journey toward becoming a writer. (And yes, I’ll be working on other projects outside of the blog.) I hope to offer encouragement, if not advice, to other people in my shoes. We need each other to move forward.


3 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. I can’t wait to be part of the journey. I will now link you to my blog.

  2. mais oui

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