Building Blocks: The Thank You Note

In the 60’s, Burt Bacharach wrote that what the world needed now was love.

In the 90’s, what the world needed now was a new kind of tension, among other things.

What does the world need today? I’m going to 86 my cynicism and say this: we need gratitude. And thank-you notes.

Yes, thank-you notes. They may seem like the territory of second graders and AARP members, but you need to write them. You’ll feel five times better after you’re done. It’ll put some good karma out into the world. Take pen to paper whenever somebody goes out of their way for you. I’ve written thank-you notes after situations ranging from a job interview to a free box of Girl Scout Cookies to being rescued after I had a flat tire outside of Winona, Minn. Gratitude has helped me through a lot.

Under normal circumstances, I would be the one to tell you how to write a great thank-you note. However, the late Leslie Harpold let the Internet know how to say thanks back in 2003. This essay comes highly recommended if you’re looking for further information about thank-you note writing.

Here’s my favorite part of it:

It’s not overkill to say thanks again. So say it.”

You’ve got someone to thank right now; I’m sure of it. Happy writing!


One response to “Building Blocks: The Thank You Note

  1. thank you.

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