Blogus Interruptus: 10 steps to not writing in your blog

1. Read someone else’s blog. Laugh with them, cry with them, but mainly sit in awe about how prolific and just all-around awesome they are.

2. Remind yourself that you aren’t living their life, and thus, aren’t being featured on Apartment Therapy. You are neither a BlogHer contributing editor nor someone anyone looks to for answers. Remember that you are not doing anything to increase your awesomeness.

3. Pine to be considered a leading authority on something, even in your own mind.

4. Read another blog. And another. And another.

5. Feel your ego die a little with each click in Google Reader.

6. Kick yourself into gear and remember that you have other things to be concentrating on besides stripping yourself bare on the Internet. There’s laundry to put away, a wedding to plan, and… well, you should get on that laundry, no?

7. Fight off that urge to do housework by logging into Feel the surprise that comes with remembering your login and password.

8. Stare at the “QuickPress” box.

9. Try to conjure something to write about. You may not be awesome, but you do more than work, do housework, and sleep, right? Wrong! That’s all you’re doing, besides the wedding planning. At least that’ll be over in six weeks.

10. Log out of WordPress with a sigh. You’ll have something to say later… whenever that may be.


One response to “Blogus Interruptus: 10 steps to not writing in your blog

  1. The value of your words don’t stem from how many people read them or whether they are featured on a glamorous website. Writing makes you feel good (right?) and that should be your carrot.

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