I’ve been having trouble with my voice lately.

When I sit down to write, I am filled with doubt again. Is what I have to say unique? Is it good? Would I read it? I ask myself. These days the answers are no, no and maybe.

It doesn’t help that I submitted a guest post to a blog a couple of weeks back. Not only wasn’t it published, I never heard back from the proprietor. It doesn’t help that I keep on thinking of that Modest Mouse lyric, “You’ve heard it all before, it’s just the same old shit,” when it comes to my writing. It doesn’t help that it feels like I have nothing new to say. It doesn’t help that I’m afraid of What People Will Think When They Read This.

What will help is that I keep on pressing myself to write. I keep on moving forward. I don’t get paralyzed anymore. I’ve Showed Them.

(Photo from Twylo on on Flickr.)


One response to “Vox

  1. If I may- the last time you stopped blogging for a long time, it seems like you were trapped writing about the process of writing, which maybe got too meta and imploded? I personally would love to hear about:
    -your life
    -music you like, or hate
    -thoughts on marriage
    -food you cook/eat (I am predictable)

    The list goes on.

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