Coming Attractions…

– My life list. Because I know you’re just dying to know what I want to do before I croak.

(I did a “30 Before 30” list and I’m pretty impressed with what I accomplished off of that. Maybe I didn’t do that much, but I got out of consumer debt, which was a Big Effing Deal.)

– The piece I wrote that didn’t get published.

– More about a Secret Mission I’m undertaking this fall.

– Why I want to move back to Wisconsin some of the time.

– Trying to conjure up a Chicago meetup for A Practical Wedding in September. We’re going to discuss Dan Savage’s The Commitment, which is a damn fine book about marriage. I nearly put a selection from it in my wedding ceremony, but chickened out.

– Why I have pictures of robotic dinosaurs.

There are loud noises in the hall I should investigate. Stick around!


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