I used to be a reporter for a small town daily newspaper. The profession and I often didn’t get along.

One of my beefs with newspapering is that it pushes you to be a buttinski. It wants you to ask the hard questions. It wants you to tell other people’s stories, with or without their permission. I thought I could do that, but I couldn’t; what I did weighed too heavily on my conscience. I believe that stories sometimes need to be told when they’re ready; not when the Fourth Estate commands it.

This is a long story that my big news of late actually belongs to a coworker. She would die if I shared it on the Internet. Okay, *I* would die (at her hand) if I shared it on the Internet. Suffice it to say that something proving that good things come to those who wait happened to a family member of hers today. Said family member found the best outcome possible. If you have some mental energy to spare, please send prayer/thoughts/energy for all of them in the direction of Madison, Wisconsin. The situation is good right now, but still has to improve.

Could I be any more cryptic? Sorry about that. I will be back when I have news of my own.

(Photo by Brownpau on Flickr.)


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