I Wanna Rock

So here’s the situation: I’ve wanted to play a bass guitar since the tender age of 17. I’m now 31.

I came into possession of a blue Ibanez bass a few weeks ago, which I call Ernie. I’m really excited, except now I have no time to get to know Ernie better. (I’ve got work, writing, keeping the house up to par, a social life, etc.) Also complicating things is the fact we have downstairs neighbors again.

Poor me and my first world problems!

I’d take classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music, but they a) don’t come cheap and b) I’m already taking a class this fall to get me started on my secret mission. I’d go to a Guitar Center, but I’m afraid I’d end up sounding like a member of a Nickelback cover band. I’m not sure what to do, except to hit up YouTube in my spare moments. Maybe if I look at enough Bass Videos, I’ll have sweet mutton chops like Charles Mumford, from the band Final Gravity. (Look him up. It’s worth it.)


4 responses to “I Wanna Rock

  1. My guitar is called Emily! Are you jamming with people? That’s the fastest way to learn! x x x

    • I am not jamming with people yet. Chicago is so big that I am unsure where to start – maybe a Craigslist ad? Hubs only knows one Grateful Dead song, which isn’t helpful in my development as yet.

  2. oh go to the mall shop you snob! You just need the basics, it takes a year to work up to nickelback.

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