Get Off My Lawn: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Get Off My Lawn is an ongoing series where I educate myself about pop culture which never appeared on my radar.

So I guess a movie called Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World hit theatres last Friday. All the talk of this film’s premiere left me wondering: who is this Scott Pilgrim, and why should I care?

My first stop was to talk to Milwaukee Sarah. She doesn’t know this, but she has introduced me to pop culture icons. I heard “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse before you did.

But I digress. Milwaukee Sarah didn’t tell me much about Scott Pilgrim, but she said I would like the series of six comic books the movie is based on. She also said a band named Metric has a song on the soundtrack that I’d love.

I then turned to our friend, The Internet, to learn more. Michael Cera is starring as Mr. Pilgrim, which I’m not sure I can get behind. Sorry, (George) Michael.

Here’s the plot: Scott Pilgrim, a 23 year old musician, wants to win the love of Ramona Flowers. But first, he must defeat her seven ex-boyfriends. (For those of you who are new to Scott Pilgrim like me, this plot encompasses all six books.) I’m someone who lists High Fidelity as a favorite movie and book. I think I’d like the movie and the books. I’ll check it out.

Not much of America is following my lead, I guess. In researching this film, I learned it laid a gigantic egg at the box office.

Maybe the studio’s marketing team did a poor job of educating people about Scott Pilgrim. I know that when I saw the books in stores, I thought it was some sort of anime series, which made me walk away from the books and ignore further information about the movie.

Either way, when Scott Pilgrim and I meet up, I think I’ll enjoy the experience I hope you will too.


7 responses to “Get Off My Lawn: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

  1. The way I see it about this movie’s box office egg is that the target demographic of this movie doesn’t go to movies anymore. We wait for the DVD!!!

    • Good point. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a theatre.

      • visforvictory

        To see a movie, that is… 🙂

      • Seriously, the last time I went to the theater to see a movie before Scott Pilgrim was to see Watchmen, and that was what, March 2009? Yeesh. I think you’d really enjoy the comics, though. Lots of smart video game and music references to *our* prime. No matter what the 22 year old hipsters who have attached themselves to Scott Pilgrim say, he’s writing about people in OUR age group. O’Malley is more or less our age, I think he’s born in 2/79, so that’s like six months younger than me and a month older than you. I blew someone’s mind when I said that the “SP” shirt he wears for most of the comic does NOT stand for Scott Pilgrim, it’s for “Smashing Pumpkins”.

      • visforvictory

        Yeah, the last time I set foot in a movie theater was to see “Talledga Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.” I have to get back to a theater post-haste. In other news, you’ve got me convinced about Scott Pilgrim. (Hooray for writing about people who lost their virginity during either Clinton administration!) I will buy the books. (I don’t really have anyone in Chicago to see movies with; the husband hates theatres.)

  2. can’t access your gigantic egg link but I’m surprised it didn’t do well; the reviews have been largely favorable and I know a fair amount of people who have seen it

    • Thanks for the heads up about the egg link. Maybe people are hypnotized by Sly’s Botox? Maybe they hate Michael Cera? Only history will tell.

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