Fall is Falling

Blueberries get two thumbs up from me. I thought they were the only fruit named after a color for a while there. (Luckily, I reminded myself of the mighty Orange soon after. Sorry to you orangeists in the audience!)

But I digress. One of my favorite summer treats is to freeze a pint of blueberries and eat them one by one. I was going to pick some up at the store tonight, but there were no pints of the Blue Ones to be had! None! Nada! Zilch! Zero! You get the point.

I made do with a pint of raspberries. While you can’t really freeze them, they still taste good going down the hatch. But soon, they’ll be done for the year; like the leaves dotting my sidewalk, this is just another sign Earth is moving away from the sun.

This summer’s close has more of an impact than in years past. I’m not sure why that is; as summers go, this was a good one. Am I afraid this winter will be fierce? Do I have lingering regrets about things left undone? Am I more in tune with the passage of time and time wasted? Or am I just getting older? I’m going to answer yes to all of these questions.

I’m also going to hope you have no sun-kissed and soggy summer regrets. Those are the mental equivalent to sand in your underwear, and I don’t want that for you.

(Photo by Dune Chaser.)


6 responses to “Fall is Falling

  1. pfft, summer is far from over dude.

    • It totally is! (Well, except for the part where it’s going to be 88 degrees on Thursday and Friday.) I guess part of my neuroses stems from the fact that we consider it to be Fall at work.

  2. august is solid summer until the end, and warm weather doesn’t fade out until mid-september.

    • You’re right about that… but there just isn’t the same sense of freedom in mid-September as opposed to mid-June.

  3. T, I think summer is different for us somehow because we are part of 10 people on the globe who don’t tan.

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