V Is For Victory has a theme song!

Back in the days when Bush beat Gore, I went to a couple of raves*. When I say a couple, I mean two.

But I loved to hear more about the whole concept. I was especially intrigued when a friend of mine told me about chill rooms. Basically, they’re rooms at indoor raves where you go to relax. There are couches! There is water! And fruit! Crazy light shows are projected on the walls! The music playing isn’t at 160 bpm!

Sounds good, right? Well, consider this my petition to make chill rooms a part of life. I need one right now. Putting the aforementioned song, “Just Breathe” by Telepopmuzik, on repeat helps a lot. I hope it does the same for you.

Come back tomorrow, where you’ll find me here:

marta writes

Color me excited!

*Since at least one member of my family is reading this, they need to know that while I went to raves, I did not partake in the pharmaceutical cornucopia found within these parties. It was strange enough sober.


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