(I’d Like A) Brick… House

To your left is a house on Chicago’s Northwest Side. We looked at it last Thursday night.

We knew it was in foreclosure, but we had no idea how bad the condition was. The kitchen had been moved from the back of the house to the front. The appliances were gone, but the owner had left the manuals. Someone had put in hardwood floors, but they did so over the existing floor. This meant they were beginning to cup and were two inches higher than the tile in the kitchen. The layout was such that a bedroom would have to be walked through to get outside. The roof on the garage was falling in. The attic was scary. (But what attic isn’t?)

All in all, it was a jarring glimpse into the realities of today’s real estate market. But look at that picture! Why did I think the house would be anything but a disappointment?

We probably won’t be diving further into the real estate pool soon. First off, we need to know where we’re going to live. My husband and I looked online at the city of Chicago, its northern suburbs and Southeastern Wisconsin today. Also, the real estate agent who accompanied us Thursday night is not responding to our e-mails. And we could always be saving more money to pad our down payment.

But we’ll have a good story to tell about the first house we looked at. And doesn’t that matter for something?


6 responses to “(I’d Like A) Brick… House

  1. oh lord. i remember looking at real estate in the Chi area. the affordability index ended at Berwyn.

    • Yep. We can afford about 900 square feet within the city of Chicago. (I don’t really mind that; the cats don’t need their own bedrooms or anything.) To make matters worse, we would like a yard and garage, etc. No wonder the real estate agent treated us like alien beings!

  2. fixer upper! all part of the adventure, no?

    • Yes, this is true. We would have had to put $30k into that place immediately, though. The ads didn’t say the property was a “Handyman’s Special” or that it “needed TLC.”

  3. I hear you; if they are acting like that dump is a normal place, then the market must be pretty tight.

    Top secret, hot off the presses- My dad just offered to sell us his gorgeous 3-bedroom in Portland.

    He says the rent from two of the apartments pays for the mortgage. Not sure if he would forego a crippling down payment.

  4. I meant to say 3-apartment house, not 3-bedroom.

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