Two Months Of Marriage: No News Is Good News?

“How’s married life?” people ask me. I don’t really go into great detail about life post-June 26 besides a one-word answer (“Great!”) and maybe a saucy eyebrow waggle.

Still, I’m big on introspection, no matter my marital status. What has marriage taught me two months in? Have I learned anything that I could pass onto others walking down the aisle?

Not really.

Why is this? Well, to quote Pearl Jam, “Everything has changed! Absolutely nothing’s changed!” What does that mean? My husband and I have been living together for three years. We’ve also worked at the same company for that amount of time.

After spending 16 hours a day together for over a thousand days, what else do we have to discover about each other? I thought. I concluded that our journey was done. We had checked everything off the list. Marriage was going to be all Wheel Of Fortune and frozen pot pies from here on out.

“But wait!” I told myself. There was plenty to check off of our life lists: home buying, cross-country and/or international travel, Bad Times and (maybe) parenthood, to name just a few things. This entity we entered into sixty-two days ago does not mean our lives have to be in lockstep until we croak.

To recap: things are great. I made the right decision. We’ll talk about marriage again when I’ve got something to say.

That being said, I can’t get enough of hearing others talk about their marriages, be they good, bad or mediocre. Enter your thoughts on marriage in the comments section and maybe we can all learn something.


5 responses to “Two Months Of Marriage: No News Is Good News?

  1. I am not particularly opposed to it, but I also see your point strongly that really- what changes? After I live with SK for awhile, I’m sure we’d start thinking about it.

    For me, it would mostly be an excuse to have an awesome party and go on an awesome trip. Kno m’sayin?

    Did you have a honeymoon, bee tee dubs?

  2. Well, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that it’s you and your partner against the world. But that’s a feeling that can be present in a dating relationship too depending on the security and self-esteem of the participants.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting the awesome party and trip. I know that if and when you take the plunge, both items will be great.

    Which brings me to my final point: take your honeymoon after your wedding ceremony! No honeymoon for us yet. Stuff came up with work that’s delaying it further.

  3. Ack, work. You should tell us a little about that too.

    Where would you want to go for a hunmoon?

    • I want to keep my job!

      We were planning on SW Michigan, with a day trip to Detroit. If I had all the money and all the time in the world, I think we’d be heading out to Northern California. (It’s not related to your move, but we’d have to meet for drinks during this theoretical trip at least.) The sunlight there is like nowhere else.

  4. I’m not looking for grisly details, just a general outline. Although I suppose general outlines can be grisly if the job sucks enough.

    Dude you should totally come visit! We have a spare mattress.

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