Let me drop some science for you singletons* in the viewing audience: when you marry someone, take the damn honeymoon. Immediately. I grant no exceptions for eloping, lack of money or a hellacious work emergency. You have to take care of yourself. Stay home if you have to! You need some time to rest and reflect on the major, life-changing undertaking you just completed.

Don’t do what I did, which was return to home, hearth and employment that next week as if I had been out of town on a weekend jaunt instead of tying the knot. My brains were scrambled through mid-August. It was ugly.

So I’m pleased to report we took the damn honeymoon this week. One of my fabulous aunts allowed us to use her house in a small town in West Michigan. It’s a block away from the lake! And there was no one around! Said location allowed us time to witness sunsets like these:

(Come on. We were on a honeymoon. We’re allowed to admire multiple sunsets!)

We also saw a lot of the state during our stay. Our first major jaunt was to Dearborn to visit The Henry Ford. (Really. That’s what it’s called.)

There were a lot of planes, trains and automobiles. (Would you expect anything else from a museum named after the guy who made automobiles a household necessity?) But there were some gems in the collection. I mean, doesn’t it always brighten your day to see the Weinermobile? Especially one that’s nearly 60 years old?

The Henry Ford also has two other attractions: Greenfield Village and the Ford Rouge tour. We will be back to see those and hopefully sally forth to Canada. But I digress.

We also made it to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize. ArtPrize is a worldwide compeition where the greater Grand Rapids area votes on artwork installations across the city. The winner takes home $250,000. Not a bad day’s work, huh? Runners-up also get cash prizes.

The Top 10 works in the contest had been announced September 30. We visited downtown Grand Rapids to see them for ourselves. The following piece, “Vision” by David Spriggs, was my favorite. Sadly, it only came in fifth.

ArtPrize is just a great concept. It did my heart good to see the crowd at the Grand Rapids Art Museum; we saw babies, grizzled old men, housewives with no-nonsense haircuts, college students wearing sweatpants with words across the bottom… it was truly a phenomenon that touched everyone’s lives. I encourage everyone to make the trip to Grand Rapids to check it out. I know it’s not the most accessible place in the U.S., but it’s worth the drive.

Now that we’ve covered the destination highlights of our honeymoon, I invite you to come back later for the culinary highs and lows along with some lessons I learned. This trip was just what we needed.

* And by “singleton,” I mean those of you in the audience who have never taken the plunge.


3 responses to “Finally.

  1. awesome T-dizz! When you first said you were honeymooning in Michigan, I was puzzled. This looks lovely, though.

    p.s. Make sure you show Sue the wienermobile; she is obsessed.

  2. You weren’t the only one who was confused. Anyway, should I send Sue my Mold-O-Rama replica of the Weinermobile from The Henry Ford?

  3. that would be very kind of you, if you can part with it.

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