Party of Five

Currently on V is for Victory…

1. I enrolled in an online screenwriting class through a local college’s External Education department. What have I gleaned from the course thus far? I could teach circles around this professor. I mean, she doesn’t even issue feedback on our homework. Here’s what she said to me in a response to a post I made on our discussion board about not being able to consume cinema like I did back in the day:

“I would like to see you watch a film and then ask yourself how can I make it better?”

Aaaaaaaagh. She has a flipping master’s degree and doesn’t even know her punctuation? Jesus.

To make a long story short, I need to get off my hinder and get an MFA. It’s an expensive way to prove a point, but what the hell?

1a. I found a Young Adult book at Borders yesterday which nearly shares my screenplay idea. Do I move forward with the screenplay? Maybe, because will it ever be produced? No.

1b. Remind me to tell you about the summer I taught writing to four middle-aged women at The Octagon Center for the Arts. Amazingly, my students didn’t think I was full of shit.

2. I’m tempted to follow in this guy’s footsteps and get a tattoo of the outline of Wisconsin somewhere on my body.

I won’t do it, because my mother would kill me dead. What I may do instead is watch Etsy for something like this.

And really, who am I kidding? Could I deal with needles in my skin? No way. I’ve got eleventy million freckles and some scarage and to then have the state of Wisconsin just announce itself on my body is cognitive dissonance at its finest.

3. I really want to sit down with a bunch of Mad Men DVD’s and watch until my eyes bleed and I’ve got the shakes.

4. I soon will be volunteering at The Old Town School of Folk Music. Most volunteers assist during concerts, but I really want to help promote shows or wrangle new members. Wish me luck!

5. Oh yeah! Let me share this e-mail I got from someone at Sound Opinions, The World’s Only Rock n’ Roll Talk Show. The show’s Facebook page asked listeners for their favorite scary songs. I immediately thought of “Possum Kingdom,” by this group of Texans called The Toadies.

Here’s the song in question. I invite you to watch… if you dare!

I wrote: “A song which never fails to send chills down my spine is “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies off their album Rubberneck. As “Possum Kingdom” begins, the listener is asked to walk around the lake with the song’s narrator. But as the song progresses, the lyrics and bass line turn sinister. The narrator’s motives are never explained, but by the end of the song he repeatedly asks “Do you want to die?” You don’t hear such a question in popular music today!

The Wikipedia entry about “Possum Kingdom” therorizes the song may be about a vampire seducing his latest victim, among other scary stuff. In this era of sparkly vampires, I’m surprised “Possum Kingdom” hasn’t enjoyed a revival.”

They said, “Great pick, Tori! You’re right, it’s probably high time for a Toadies revival.

Take care,
Sound Opinions H.Q.

My ego exploded all over myself and others after I read that e-mail.

Will my pick be discussed on the show? It’s yet to be seen; they’ll have the Halloween show next Saturday at 11 a.m. on WBEZ.

I bet other listeners came up with much better picks then I. (Here’s hoping the words “Marilyn Manson” aren’t said.)

4 responses to “Party of Five

  1. like like like!

  2. heee. Eleventy million freckles …
    Wisco tattoo? I should do it, but like you, have issues … i still haven’t entirely gotten over having my ears pierced when I was 12.

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