Audience Participation Time

I did it! I bit the bullet and joined Netflix! If you click on the picture to your left, you can see my queue thus far… the only movies I’ve seen in it are American Beauty and Lost In Translation. (I just want to see how they hold up through the sands of time.)

That’s where you come in: after you’ve seen my queue, what movies do you recommend for me that I’ve missed? (Keep in mind that we’re a non-Twilight household. As always, thank you for your support…

8 responses to “Audience Participation Time

  1. Before I give my list, full disclosure is that I hated Waitress. (Happy, Sue?) That said, I know where my tastes best intersect with the mainstream. Here are some pretty safe choices:

    -Half Nelson
    -You Can Count on Me
    -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    -The Wire (have you seen yet?)
    -Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

  2. Waitress was just okay. If I had paid theatre prices for it, I would have hated it.

    I’m kind of afraid to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I heard it was sad and I don’t want to cry so hard I’d spontaneously combust.

    I watched Season 1 of The Wire and enjoyed it. It started to droop in Season 2. David Simon’s wife, Laura Lippman, is an ex-journo who writes mystery novels which kick ass. You should read them.

  3. Dude, EVERYone says the 2nd season was a bit of a departure. Things get back on track in Season 3. Do your research T-Roz!

    Also, read Clockers by Richard Price, another of the Wire’s writers. AMAZING!

  4. I would highly recommend Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Yes, there are sad parts but overall it’s so good.

    A few movies from my Netflix queue:
    – The Darjeeling Limited (not sure if you’re a Wes Anderson fan. I haven’t seen this one yet.)
    – Ghost World

    Ones we’ve watched recently:
    – It’s Complicated (funny)
    – Kick Ass (a little gorier than I expected but Josh really enjoyed it)
    – Outbreak (an oldie but a goodie)

    • I loved The Royal Tenenbaums, so I’ve always meant to see The Darjeeling Limited. I also liked Ghost World a lot, but it left me with a sense of ennui. I will add your suggestions to my queue!

  5. Maybe … Cinema Paradiso/ Antonia’s Line / American Movie / The Razor’s Edge (1984) / Creator/ Amélie / A Very Long Engagement / Il Postino / Hannah and Her Sisters / Sherman’s March (1986) / Local Hero / The Best Years of Our Lives / The Devil’s Backbone / Oldboy / The City of Lost Children / Apocalypse Now / The Milagro Beanfield War/ Broadcast News / Les Misérables (1995) / Kill Bill / Mountains of the Moon/ Autumn Sonata
    Fanny and Alexander (TV version) / The Pope of Greenwich Village / The King of Comedy / Glengarry Glen Ross / Blood Simple / God Said Ha! / Adaptation. / Being John Malkovich / Crooklyn / Hamlet (1996) / Babette’s Feast / High Fidelity / Jackie Brown / Eat Drink Man Woman / Big Night / October Sky

    Also, if you haven’t seen Deadwood, then Deadwood, Deadwood, Deadwood. Don’t give up too soon. The first couple of episodes are tough. You may need closed captioning. But stick with it, because it’s outstanding.

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