‘Cause his name can be said by anyone

We had some bad news delivered by phone Wednesday night. The husband and I were still in the suburbs when the call came, so we had a lot of time for him to call other relatives and for me to ruminate and worry as our car crawled toward the city. (An aside: why does everything else seem to slow to a crawl when Bad Stuff happens?)

In the course of the husband’s phone calls, it was decided we’d pick up one of my brothers-in-law and go to the hospital. But first, we needed to stop at home. Due to the insane traffic, we turned left one street further east than usual. I played with my phone as we drove down the street.

To my surprise, the husband shouted, “MAX POWER!” He doesn’t usually shout that. Then I looked to my right. What to my wondering eyes did appear but a blue Mini Cooper with the license plate “MAXPOWR.”

For the uninitiated, Homer Simpson changes his name to Max Power during an 1999 episode of The Simpsons. Max has a great theme song, which the husband has been known to sing once and again. Please see below:

A small weight lifted off my chest as we passed the car. It also helped that my mother-in-law reported the situation was improving.

While we can’t change what happened Wednesday, we can be thankful that the situation wasn’t worse.

Some days that’s all one can hold onto.


2 responses to “‘Cause his name can be said by anyone

  1. hope everyone is OK ..

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