Party of Five: Tidings of Comfort and Joy

1. I’ve decided I’m only going to eat at hot dog places from now on. The guys behind the counter always address me as “Miss.”

Yes, I know I’m a Mrs. Yes, I know they do this to every female between the ages of 4 and 94.

But the clock is at less than 90 days before I turn 32. (32!) I need my fountains of youth where I can get them.

2. Let me sum up a less-than-satisfactory dining experience we had Friday night: the Mr. and I paid $80 for fried perch, french onion soup and Coke. In Wisconsin, the bill wouldn’t have broken $20. To add insult to injury, we were treated like we were at a Chili’s. And I was addressed as “Ma’am.” Do I even need to elaborate further? No, no, I don’t.

3. I will be published again at Marta Writes on Tuesday! During this go-around, I will be instructing readers on how to receive a gift, an essay I wrote back when leaves were on the trees and we didn’t have to wear coats outside. Either way, please stop by.

4. This is my new favorite blog. I’d kill for a tenth of the author’s sass; who knows what I could accomplish?

5. I’ve been thinking about Christmas concerts lately. And The Nutcracker. I priced Nutcracker tickets with the Joffrey Ballet… they go for $120.10. Per ticket. Yikes!!!!



2 responses to “Party of Five: Tidings of Comfort and Joy

  1. A) What in the world cost $40 each? That doesn’t make sense, even at Chili’s prices.

    B) Have you tried to see a matinee or a student performance? Last year I was feeling broke and went to the NYU dance school’s Nutcracker and it wasn’t too shabby. Can’t argue with $20 tickets.

    (a little Chicago googling turned this up:

    • A) The fish was $23 each, to start.
      B) The price I quoted for the Joffrey was for a Dec. 26 matinee. But I imagine all the cheap seats are taken by now. I think I’m boarding the Nutcracker train a little late this year, as most suburban performances have already occurred.

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