I Didn’t Know This Was A Thing…

…but I guess the new trend in telephony is to call someone and pretend you’re a turtle?

Wait. Let me back up here. On Tuesday the husband and I were sitting in a Culver’s in Libertyville when he pulled out his phone to look at something. I pulled out my phone in response and had a missed call from Los Angeles.

I don’t know anyone in Los Angeles.

“Someone called me from Los Angeles!” I told the husband. “Huh,” he said. I called the number back. It wasn’t a bill collector, as I thought, but some guy named Brian.

Must be a wrong number. I put it out of my mind.

When I woke up from a nap this afternoon, my phone stated I had a text from Milwaukee Sarah and another missed call from the same number in LA.

This time, I went to Google. The number matched up with a production company in Los Angeles. The proprietor? A Facebook friend of my brother’s.

I called my brother next. When I told him this serious of unfortunate circumstances, he started to giggle.

It turns out his friend, Brian Spaeth, runs Turtlecalls.com, a service where you give him two to three bucks and he will call the person of your choice, pretending to be a turtle. My brother thought it would be funny for me to get a call from a turtle, which I understand.

See an example below:

I think Brian sounds more like Balki from Perfect Strangers rather than a turtle, but then again, I’ve never heard a turtle speak.

In the long run, people in your life need to get phone calls from a turtle. Check out turtlecalls.com.


2 responses to “I Didn’t Know This Was A Thing…

  1. I should really get a dummy number for this venture. lol

    • I told my brother to have you call me at work, where I have to answer the phone, but then he didn’t want to research where I work and how to contact me there. *Sad trombone*

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