Party of Five: For Renee

1. Have you ever seen a toilet puke? It’s a genteel thing: one minute I was putting lotion on my arm, then the toilet erupted all over the floor. After an hour of clean up, I can say I prefer it when humans vomit – at least you can throw a receptacle in their general direction.

2. And after I wrote the above Friday night, the toilet gacked twice more. Our shower was backing up every 10 minutes. Our sinks every three. Our house became a knot of sewage and water and the roar of the sump pump and shouting and dirty towels and the gulping of the wet/dry vac. A ralphing piece of plumbing is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Anyone at all.

2a. As I write, the husband is downstairs with the plumber. Hopefully, the plumber can make Friday a one-time event. The plumber just stopped rodding the sewer line and said, “Wow. Wow.” I’m too scared to go downstairs and see what’s going on.

2b. The plumber just said, “It’s obvious something is going on with the pipe.” DSJSJAHAFFFF!!!!! Thank everyone we don’t own this house!

3. I’m going to be an old woman of 32 (!) come Thursday. The less said about that, the better. Who am I kidding? It’s not like anyone’s going to say anything, really. I’m going to celebrate my impending dotage by taking myself to see Mavis Staples Saturday night. The only song of hers I know is “I’ll Take You There,” which I love. I forsee some heavy YouTubing in my near future.

4. I’m working on an ambitious guest-post for a blogger’s side project wherein I will interview an author about his book. But I have to get the okay from his publicist! It’s been a day and she hasn’t answered my e-mail yet! Stay tuned.

5. Check out my 365 Photo Project here. I’ve made it four straight days! I don’t do much for four straight days…

2 responses to “Party of Five: For Renee

  1. Kudos to Tori for making everyday life interesting and humorous!!!!

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