Party of Five: Spring Rising

1. My parents are arriving to Casa Victory* in about 20 hours. What better time to update this blog?

This weekend will involve things like a trip to IKEA, the arrival of a (new to us) treadmill, and feasting on some steak. Whoo hoo!

2. What has me less excited is that Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on Sunday. What do you get your parents for THAT? I guess rubies are the traditional gift for making it 40 years, but most of these suggestions just involve buying stuff and wrapping it with a red ribbon. Whatever.

3. It seems the people of Japan win the “Worst Week EVER” award. I haven’t donated money to the relief efforts yet, because I don’t know where my green will do the most good. Which organization will give people kerosene for their homes and shelters and put some food in their bellies instead of using it on administrative costs?

I do not know, but I need to do something quick. The husband streams NHK and turns on CNN or MSNBC to see coverage and it’s just frustrating because I make like Bill Clinton and feel their pain. (I know, I know, I’m thousands of miles away and I really wouldn’t know what it’s like unless I was in the middle of things.) Still, it can’t be good.

4. We’re celebrating my boss’s birthday at work tomorrow. Here’s hoping the cake I ordered will not be decorated like it’s for a six-year-old. The bossman received an…. immature…. cake last year and I wanted to die. I still do when I remember it.


Mavis Staples: friggin’ awesome. She didn’t have an encore, though.

Her support act, Kelly Hogan, also had a great voice which made me jealous. Hogan can work in any genre of music and shred it. Check her out!

Springtime: is not coming fast enough! Today’s mild temperatures were not satisfying, as they weren’t accompanied by either a) sunny weather or b) calm skies. Knowing that these temperatures will not come this way again for a while also tempered my excitement.

Japan, part II: All this talk of radioactive iodine made me think of those times I was on the business end of some of it. (I had thyroid cancer at 21; Mom and Dad didn’t take me to Chernobyl.) That’s another story for another day.

Scott Walker and the death of collective bargaining in Wisconsin: There are no words.

Blogging: This postfrom I Will Dare encapsulates why I am shy about blogging these days.

Sleep: I wish I were doing it.

*Does that make me sound like Charlie Sheen? If so, I guess it’s too late to turn back now.

3 responses to “Party of Five: Spring Rising

  1. I think texting that Red Cross number to give a $10 donation is a pretty safe way to donate.

    Man, this reminds me- my blog is so sad and neglected!

    • Don’t beat yourself up about your blog… you’ve actually been writing since you’ve last updated it, yes?

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