All About My Mother, Pt. 1

I called my mom tonight. We talked for twenty minutes. As my dad was urging her to wrap up the phone conversation due to dinner being on the table, Facebook was the topic of conversation.

She said, “Do you talk about me on there?” I said, “As in, *grumblegrumbleOMGMYMOTHERgrumble*? No.” She said, “Good. You aren’t acting like you used to.”

Whoa. What did she read? As someone who had her teenage rebellion from ages 21 to 26, I may have put some irrational comments about the woman who brought me here online. (What can I say? I had a (locked) LiveJournal during a lowly period of time? Everyone I knew was doing it?)

Since I’m now past 30 and a bit more mature, I’m going to give you five stories about my mother over the next few months and hopefully illustrate to you why she rocks. I hope she comes across this when she googles “Tori Rosin Szekeres.”

2 responses to “All About My Mother, Pt. 1

  1. interesting idea. looking forward to reading.

  2. me too!!! My mom and I didn’t get along from when I was about 14 until about age 30. She still drives me insane, but now the old age thing adds a sad dimension to the whole thing …

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