Low Morale

Had you told me “April is the cruelest month” in March, I would have laughed in your face. April would never be cruel to me! February may be rough, but April treats me right. I’d tell you. Why, it’s when SPRING begins!Not this year. We’ve had three days of nice weather. (And I don’t even live in Wisconsin anymore, where they had snow yesterday. SNOW! On April 19!) But I digress.

I’m just feeling like the universe is playing quid pro quo with me. Sure, I met up with Anne on April Fool’s Day, but five days later I got the news that a coworker’s cancer spread to her bones. I struck up a love of photography, but now I’m running low on energy and ideas when I’ve got a camera in my hand. There’s all this stuff I want to learn and do, but I neither have the time, the energy, or the funds to make it happen.

I guess this is my official word that I’m in a rut. I know how to get out of one, and I ought to cut this rant off at the knees and make the rut disappear.

One response to “Low Morale

  1. I’m sorry friend. I won’t say anything glib and faux-inspirational but I do know this: every patch of bad luck ends.

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